A crackled laugh strikes the ear of a soon to be victim, terrified

bu such a sound as this, the prey flees for their own life. Away

they go, putting a great distance between them and this vile

villian, that haunts the dreams of the weaker minded fool, yet

even with this distance accieved, the villian returns to finish what

was started by the laugh sent out by his voice, for a game is

this hunt, similar to the cat and the mouse, where preditor

watches the prey with glittering eyes, while the prey hides shaking

in it's hole, watching the sky for the unhindering attack, not able

to breath, because of such fear, this sight excites the preditor

in ways that's immoral, for what a thing tortures a poor soul

like this, yet the answer is not hard to be seen, we humans, do worse

to our own kind, so why do we question a thing that has spanned

for all times, although we have prided ourselves on the advancements

made, than back all turn to the emotions installed in us since birth,

to hurt, to hunt, to torture, to feed, primial instrincts take center

stage in the minds of all who find themselves in such a position,

thus who is to judge who is the villian in this world, for does the one

in question point at another and say he is worse than I, than who

is the worsest you might ask, well the devil himself must have a

match to his wickness, since things can always get worse, just

wait til you see the new villians of the day, the worsest thing we

have ever seen, funny thing is, all that needs to be done is look in

the mirror, and take long look, who is the villian that you fear?