Praise be to the one who watches me by day,
that gives me rest when I turn in, but as of later
my sleep has been hindered, for on my mind laid a
question, as I tryed to close my eyes, to sail
into the dream world I desire, my mind does race
with many thoughts, what of those who cross my
path, who praise a god that controdict such a
praise with cruelty, suffering, and heart break
around, yet the claim of faith is ever strong, how
both can be done, and not seen wrong, so tell to
me, why this is, answer god, they've truly sinned
so why do they walk without a harm, do you not
seen, listen, hear, feel the injustice that has come
to this glare, who can have faith in a god who does
nothing to help out the faithful and the morally
blind, not I, for I belive in nothing of such god.