My Valentine

The sunbeams gently kiss your face,
I dream of you, your warm embrace;
But you're not mine, you can't love me,
I guess we weren't meant to be.
I suppose love was not meant
for me; but you were heaven-sent
To one who you'll love as much
as she loves you, your caring touch.
Forever you'll be in my dreams,
But when I cry, and when I scream,
You won't be there to soothe my cries
Your eyes as deep as midnight skies.
I guess I'll keep on hoping for
One who'll love me forevermore
Who will accept me as I am;
Because I won't change; not like I can.
Although love hasn't been kind to me,
I won't give up; I still believe
One day, somehow, I will find
Someone like you, my Valentine.