"Speed Heart"
I've walked along a lonesome road,
Many months and counting.
I'll leave melody counting fear,
And go with the hope that you will be here.

I have been alone before,
This isn't anything new to me.
But I've never felt the way I do,
You fill me with invincibility.

You're so unique in every way,
The only thing that remains the same,
Are the organs that serve as your foundation,
And I have come to be some kind of preservation.

I believe in the deepest parts of my heart,
That we are in love and we're never to part.

The only catch was when we split,
It was only temporary.
I stayed far away for you needed to quit,
Until I could come back as sanctuary.

And now as everything comes to pass,
Everything in its right place.
We just sit back and fucking relax,
And you can sleep while I gently,

I always knew it would come to this,
And aren't you glad I was right?