All arose to a new day the Human representatives had gathered outside as the sun had risen giving the entire complex a radiant golden glow, the warmth was welcomed by Edea who was standing on the second floor as she observed the three and their escorts.

Sheron had made his way down to Viron's crypt where he was met by Lastyrr and two others. "I'm here to talk with Viron", "shut the door the sickening light reaches all down here today" a vampire escort had hissed as he placed his hands in front of his face, Sheron looked around at them it was apparent to them that he was in slight fear as the three stood there, "you needn't worry, and we're not the blood curt ling creatures that we're made out to be" the other vampire said trying to assure Sheron, "my name is Joshua" the vampire said extending his hand as it met by Sheron's own hand, "this is Mytar" he said pointing to the other more younger vampire, "and Lastyrr our general" "Pleased to meet you all" Sheron said as he tried to reduce the nervous tone in his voice "we understand that you form of humans possess special abilities, may I ask what is your ability" Mytar stated as he slowly sat opposite from Sheron, "that is true, I'm able to control a specific element, ice to be more precise, and I also have psychic abilities as well, while the two that arrived with me has the abilities to control sound and light as well as flight capability", "interesting indeed", Everyone turned to see Viron standing by the entrance to his room, "you are referred to as mutants correct?" he asked Sheron as he leaned against the ruby red colored wall of the crypt, "Mutants is sort of downgrading, it makes us sounds as if we're monsters, that's why we prefer medi-humans instead", "yes I know what you mean, how a simple word can distinguish your race, that is why I was looking forward to speaking with you we have many things in which we can see eye to eye in" Viron said as his eyes flashed in the dark of the crypt.

"Heleos, have you seen the latest trajectories", "Magdala, stay out of my way I know what I am doing" Heleos responded as Magdala stared at him with a distasteful look in her grey dark eyes, "do you really, well according to these we've not only slowed down we've also headed Into the GERONAV Sector, that's two galaxies further away than we were already", "Distanoes is being heavily watched, it seems that their not taking any chances" Heleos answered, "we could have easily destroyed them before any word of our arrival had gotten out" Magadala said as her voice began to climb, "sir" Magdala and Heleos turned towards the control panel operator, "we have an incoming message sir, it's from their majesties" he said hesitantly, "great they know somethings wrong now Heleos", I'll handle this Magdala", Heleos alked over to the door after giving the signal that the call should be transferred, he quickly entered his quarters with Magdala behind him as the doors closed behind them, "You Highnesses, .is something wrong", after a few seconds of silence a cold dark chilling voice came across the com, "HELEOS, WHY HAS THE FIRST WAVE DETOURED OFF COURSE" it hissed, "we have ran into some problems your highness, it seems that the course we had plotted was being heavily watched, "THEY WOULD EXPECT SUCH A COURSE NOW THAT WE THINK OF IT, BUT THEY OULD NOT SUSPECT THE LEAST LIKELY OF COURSES NOW WOULD THEY" the voice crackled, Magdala stepped forward with a look of concern that Heleos had rarely seen her express, "My Queen you do not mean we head through the TRUNAX QUADRON" Magdala asked trying not to sound nervous, after another short pause another voice came across, this one more darker than the other, "THAT IS PRECISELY WHAT YOU ARE TO DO MAGDALA, YOU ARE TO MEET WITH XARGOT'S FLEET IN THE TRUNAX QUADRON AND AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS THERE" the voice boomed, "yes my Queen, we will head there immediately and await your orders" Heleos jumped in, as he got a glance of approval from Magdala, "GOOD, AND ON YOUR WAY THROUGH THE GERONAV SECTOR LOCATE SLORANN AND CONFINE HIM" The voice said as the intercom beeped and shut off, Magdala and Heleos watched one another for a short while, "Slorann is not going to be an easy task" Heleos said looking through the glass into the dark space, "I know but the Queens want him back, I pray that he does not suffer long", "I'd rather him than us Magdala, but yes he is still our friend although he betrayed us I still will not wish whatever the Queens have in plan for him on anyone".