Lightning crashed and shook the frame of the small wooden house. Trees bent and racked sharp tree branches like clawing nails against the window. Winds howled forcing larger things of substance to creak and throwing smaller things around like garbage and yet the little house stood. One solitary light, a small oil lamp, burning within the building held a steady light in the darkness. Its balance perilously close to the edge of a desk covered with papers and thick leather bound books. The woods around the house seemed to be in death throes and yet the young boy in the bed didn't wake.

He tossed and turned as though the dreams he had were disturbing him. perhaps even more disturbing than the storm that was destroying so much outside. more disturbing by far. Because even in the small woods surrounding the shed he called a cabin. it was just that. a single violent storm destroying a single woods. As were in his dream it was the whole world on fire falling into ash. There were many storms tearing at the earth, ripping houses apart like kindling destroying the lives of his dreams there were screams and yet in his dreams he stood helpless immobile as the destruction played before his eyes.

He turned and could make out a dim figure in the distance. another young boy watching the seen standing there in the path of the destruction. He found he could move and ran to the other boy's side.

He looked at the other boy's pale ashen skin. and pushed black lusterless hair away from the boy's pale face trying to rouse him to get him to see him. to warn him to move. But when he did he could see the boy's eyes. and in that pale blue gaze he saw something even more frightening. in my eyes he saw something horrible and dark and curled around himself staring at the hunger. hunger for pain and hunger for destruction. the dark cold need.

There was no fury in my eyes just hunger. I wanted the world to burn. and I wanted to watch it all. he screamed and I looked away from the flame and lightning in front of me and looked into his eyes. And as I looked into his dark green eyes.I realized that this wasn't a nightmare. it was too good for that. it wasn't a dream either. this was reality.

A reality that had yet to be. I could see pain in his eyes. so sharp and strong. betrayal. I had betrayed him and it hurt my soul. It hurt it like all the other pain in the world had fed it. Had fed the darkness within me. I took a step back. sick at what I saw reflected in his eyes. In his eyes I could see myself. I could see my sin. my hunger. and how sick it made him. I took a step back and knew that I had to end this. I couldn't betray him. I looked at the storm and screamed into the wind. one sharp word that held no meaning. it had no form and then everything went dark and I woke up shaking in my bed.

I was covered in sweat and smelled something bitter and too sweet in the air. I smelled fear. my own. for the first time in millennia. in my entire existence... I smelled fear and it sickened me. I had been afraid because I had looked into the eyes of a mortal child and seen fear. had seen evil. A child had given the destroyer a nightmare.

Author's note: I experimented here. any comments/Advice are welcome. sorry I haven't posted in a while. I plan on posting more often now that I have a working computer again.