January 26, 2004

"How Many Times"

How many times can you hit bottom-

Before you finally fall through.

Don't know how good you have it-

'Till it really has you.

Comin' back down to Earth…

You're gonna write your last line-

Girl, thinkin' less of your worth,

Droppin' yourself from the skies.


I can't stand to see you breakin'

I can stand to see you shakin'

But I can't hold on forever…

Waitin' for you… waitin' for you…

Take the best grip you can-

And hang on to the ride.

This is your only chance…

Please, don't let it slide.

Courage ain't the whole truth…

Strength is only part.

You are your only proof-

That livin' is from the heart.


I can't stand to see you breakin'

I can't stand to see you shakin'

I'm not holding on forever..

This time it's up to you…

Your only fault is yourself-

If you let it get that far.

Your have no true limits…

Not even the highest star.

This is your only hope-

To make yourself brand new…

Girl, believe in yourself…

Like I believe in you.


I won't stand to see you breakin'

I won't take the shots you're makin'

I'm not holding on forever…

This is up to you… (fade)