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The demon ran his fingers through my hair, and a strange feeling made its way to the pit of my stomach. I looked up into his deep coal eyes, pleading for him to say something. His eyes told me everything, he wanted me, loved me. We had been together for such a short time, but it seemed to spark and we both knew it. He grabbed my chin and tilted it up, just like the first time we met, and he kissed me. The passion was so deep, he was forceful but I didn't mind and melted into his touch. I moaned a little and bit his lip, telling him to go on. I opened my mouth and let his tongue explore the caves of mine. I was a rag-doll in his arms, enjoying every moment of it. But soon we had to part for a bit of a breath, though he never broke stride and kept on going, laying me down gently on the ground. He loomed over top of me, reaching for the pulls on my coat longing to uncover me, I arched my back a bit to let him have room to slip it off. As soon as it was gone, he looked over me, licking his lips with his soft pink tongue. He came closer and kissed my neck nibbling and biting here and there, marking me for his own. Then he bit down hard, drawing blood and bruising my delicate skin. "Ah." I arched forward in the pain, rubbing against him. I heard him moan slightly, a growl within. "You're mine." He ran his fingers down my chest, claws making light scratches here and there. He stopped once he got to my erection, wrapping his hand around it. I quivered underneath him, pleasure shooting up every nerve through my body. Nobody could have this kind of effect on me he was having. He smirked and started pumping it, teasing me. I moaned again and arched, wanting to get closer. I opened my eyes and saw his loincloth was already discarded, showing off his own prize.
"You ready?" He whispered in my ear his warm breath moist against my lobe. I nodded and surrendered, wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him closer. He slowly bent my knees up and positioned himself in front of me. "This'll hurt since we haven't any lotion or anything." I looked again into his eyes. "Let me." I then let go and bent down to him, wrapping my mouth around him, and licking and sucking getting him ready for me. I pulled up. "There." We got into position again he gently started entering me.
"Ahh..Demon." I bit my lip with pain, but he kissed it away. He then thrust into me, rocking us both back and forth. I soon picked up the motion and we then became one. One with each other, our bodies melted into the other and I felt solid, like this was the way it was supposed to be. We screamed the names of each other in ecasty. I moaned and I came, spraying our stomachs with the white fluid. He grunted, signaling he was done as well, then collapsing on top of me. He then slowly pulled himself out, lying beside me. He looked at me; his eyes were soft and sincere.


"You know. I've never felt this way before about anyone."



I smiled. "You know, I feel the same way. My father has been forcing me onto women I don't want. I never felt.. Open to anyone," I turned on my side to face him. "Until I met you. I feel I can tell you anything."

"Yeah." He left the sentence hang and we had a peaceful silence. Then he pulled me into his arms and grabbed my coat from the floor, draping it over us.

"Good night," was the kissed whisper. "I love you."

"I love you too."


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