Auctioning Off Love

Crystal Jones studied her self in the full length mirror. Her waist length blonde hair was pulled in to pony tail with several strands of hair falling free around her face. She was dressed in black pants and a baby blue tee-shirt. Popping off the lid to her ruby red lipstick she ran the lip over her lips. Pulling a tissue from her nightstand she folded it and squeezed her lips over it. Pitching the tissue she walked to the recliner and flopped in it.

Glancing at the nightstand, she pulled the 'Teen Hometown' magazine off it. Looking at the cover she let out a sigh. Staring up at her with his oh-so-perfect smile, was Link Lanahan. With his dark brown hair and light blue eyes he was almost every woman's dream date. Even hers, and Crystal wasn't the type to swoon or even react to pretty boys. She was immune to swooning. But Link Lanahan was the kind of guy who made you want to have a drawer full of pictures of his handsome face. Not that Crystal had one, of course.

Okay...maybe she did. But it is just a small secret one. That's what the drawer is, a secret.

But none of this matters. He is way out of her league. She was just you typical girl-next-door. He is the Link Lanahan. Although, she does happen to be luckier than most of his swooning, hopeful, fans. For, not only was Link Lanahan from her hometown, he is also her brothers best friend. He also happens to be in town. Which means he will be over her house...a lot. Putting the magazine in her 'drawer' she folded her hands and rested her head against the back of the chair.

Next thing she knew, Tammy, her friend, was poking her in the head. Tammy, Chris and her were going to an auction. One of the best and most exciting event in Birkways, Alabama. Coming out of sleep, she sat straighter in the chair and rubbed her eye with a fist.

"Hey, C.J.!" Tammy said using Crystal's nickname. "You dressed and ready to go?" Crystal, still sleepy, stood and gave a little twirl. Which caused her to fall to her knees. Tammy rolled her eyes. Crystal yawned. "Okay. I am going to go change." she held up a bag, that most likely held clothes "While you, go get your brother ready." Raising her hand to her forehead Crystal saluted her. Tammy laughed. Standing and following Tammy from the room, the two parted ways. Tammy for the bathroom, Crystal for her brothers' room.

* * *

Link laughed as Chris blew a piece of his shoulder length blonde hair from his face. They were sitting on the floor playing chess. Chris was loosing. Big time. Chris started muttering under his breath about cheaters and unfair play, making Link laugh harder.

"Don't laugh." Chris told him in a matter-of-fact tone. "I am just used to playing with my sister, and let me tell you she sucks." Link nodded pretending to believe. Someone snorted from the door way.

"Yea, right Christopher. You couldn't bet me if I played with my eyes closed. Now," Crystal studied the board. "move your horse." Looking up from the game, Link stared at the woman in the doorway. This was not the Crystal he remembered. Not at all. His last memory of her had been at 10 when she had braces, puffy hair, and looked awkward, 'cause she hadn't grown into her curves. Now looking over her he could she how much she had grown. The braces were gone, leaving straight shiny white teeth, her puffy hair was now long and beautiful and then there was her curves. They were there now. Boy, were they there.

"Yo! Link! When you finish checking out my sister, you might care to see that I just won." Chris said snapping his fingers in front of Link's face. Crystal realizing what Link had been doing, blushed. But quickly recovered. Smacking Chris's hand away he looked at the board. Then to Chris. Back to the board.

""Link was lost for words. At Chris and Crystal's laughter he remembered.
"Yea, right Christopher. You couldn't bet me if I played with my eyes closed. Now," Crystal studied the board. "move your horse." Crystal!
"You cheaters!" Crystal stopped laughing enough to put a hand to heart and gasp in mockery.

"That hurt Lanahan, right here." A laugh escaped her lips. Shaking her head she turned to Chris. "Christopher...are you still coming to the auction with us?" She gave Link a glance. Chris gave him one to.

"Uh, I don't think I will...I mean Link just got to town-"

"Chris, don't change your plans on my benefit."

"Yea, Christopher. You promised." Crystal whined sounding like a three year old and not the 18 year old she was. Chris gave her a skeptical look.

"Look Chris, how 'bout I just come with you?" Chris shook his head.

"Nah. I couldn't ask you to do that. It wouldn't be right. Crystal will just-" A girl who looked to be Crystal's age walked in to the room. Her black hair was curled and thrown into a ponytail. She was dressed in a mini-skirt and green blouse.

"C.J.! Did you get him ready?" At the sight of Chris's shoeless feet and bare chest she paused. "Your coming...right?" This was directed to Chris. Chris blushed a little but like his sister, quickly recovered. Chris smiled and nodded.

"Yep, and Link plans to join me." Link stared. Crystal snickered. Apparently Chris has a thing for Tammy.

* * * * *

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