bleeding in salt tears from the palms of my hands
feel me stain your humanity
i'm hollow, hoarse in the hallowed hearse of honor
long dead with rags of roman robes clinging solely by the spit-vomit of maggots
there is no life after death rather death after life
voiceless to the infinity chasm
i cry, screams crashing caught on crags
borrow your soul but for a moment
i'll burrow to the heart of the heartless, the deadandraped
mother mine
and my tears will poison youher
tree will climb to die as tulips open to reveal rotting petals
dead already like your insides, all you beautifuls
open your eyes and behind the perfect lashes lie the orbs shaped like bruises
polluted with your scleria, thick clouds of yellow veins
pulsing with the hateblood you bred so they could bleed
they blaze with hate because i wasn't you, and i have not the same curse
you can't see my pain only perfection where there exists none, green eyed and laughing
in a desaturated memory i danced once and you see this only
the happiness that fled with a ghost of me shrieking in the night
too crazed to recognize the rage
that thrashes inside me
you'll reach out to throttle
but my vocal cords ripped out already have been
so you'll grip the open hole
stare to my eyes
look and be damned
damned as we all
let me swallow you whole through my pupils
and to the inferno you go
raging with the nothing and the everything
the pain of each murdered child you smashed and ground into the glass
i'll stab you a thousand times for each knife embedded in my chest
our pleasure may exist no more
only in ecstasy of pain shall we be impaled on the same lie
and tumbling to the jaws of hell that we thought we would escape
they say that life is a temporary solution
for a permanent problem...