Am I an Artist?
By Lady E

Author's Notes: This was inspired by the actor/painter/photographer/poet/musician Viggo Mortensen (yes, he is rather talented, isn't he?). I was hurrying along the streets to catch the bus one morning when snippets of this piece floated through my mind and I mumbled it aloud. I did scribble it down later on the bus ride, but I think it's still more powerful when read aloud.

Am I an artist? They tell me I am. They say that I have the eyes of an artist, the soul of an artist. If I am, then you have taken it away from me. If I am Ariel, the mermaid whose song rose higher than the sweet waves, then you are Ursula, the sea witch who stole her voice, who stole her very breath, her soul.

I cannot create. No more can I create.

Starlight dreams of you flutter in my mind, whispers of a love beyond the depths of the universe. Your image haunts my heart, your voice echoes in my being. My soul has been captured by your flawless beauty, the bird that flies willingly into its cage, forsaking its freedom for the warmth of love.

Visions of rapture, of brilliant light, incandescent stars, explode behind my eyes. Distorted image consume me, a mirage of beauty, a city in water. Empty space beckons to me and I yearn to fill it, to splash in life, the colors of an artist's soul.

An artist who cannot create, denied the power to create, that's what I am.

I am no artist. I have lost the artist's soul. I have become a dreamer.

Thanks for reading!