Riding To Sturgis
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Jennifer Devlin was riding her high-speed
Chopper to Sturgis to fuel her need
For excitement,which was no longer in her
Life,only to be stopped by a police officer
Who's got a warning for anyone to heed.

But when she looked at the cop and saw that
He was such a good looking guy,Jen had sat
Up,let out a smile and asked him for his
Name,which was Peter Rayder.And after his
eyes looked at her's,Eros dropped his hat.

They both had fallen in love with each other
So much,that he decided to accept her offer
And go with her to the Sturgis Rally,where
people ride their hogs whether out of a dare
Or not.Suddenly,a smile appeared on Jennifer.

And as soon as they've arrived into town
And noticed that she no longer had a frown
On her face,Peter placed a lugnut on her
Little finger and asked her to stay forever
With him.After all,he was no clown.