The green light was eerie. On that night, even Shashir was forced to agree. The way it shone on the encampment like a silhouette was foreboding. But what was it a silhouette of?

Akai was sitting, and to some degree, hiding in the Tisade storeroom. She had finally found the last piece to the puzzle. The information Jerek had been feeding her was almost entirely incorrect. Whether he knew it or not remained to be seen, but one thing was clear: She needed to alert the Green Darkness HQ.

She held the Jade pendant directly in front of her face. Her eyes flashed, and the jewel in the center of the pendant became clear.

"This is Akai. I've got new information on the prophecy." She said urgently. A face appeared in the center of the now-translucent jewel. It was a man, stern and solemn-faced. The weariness in his deep, gravelly voice was the only thing that belied his age. Although he was in his mid sixties, he looked like a thirty-something.

"So do we." The man sighed.

Akai ignored him and talked hurriedly, "Look, I don't have much time. I've found the princes."



A surprised expression passed across the man's face, but he quickly recovered and asked, "You have proof?"

"The battle. He had the Dragon's Mist, I sensed it. And the other one, his bloodlines are clear, I did scans, it's him."

"They're in the camp?"

"Of course!"

"This isn't good. Have you looked at the star charts?"

"You don't mean…"

"The seed is falling tonight. It will be drawn to them. You've got to get them out of there."

"I can't make them leave!"

"You can and you will. This is an official order. The HQ can't afford to send people to the Tisade Army, it's far too dangerous.

"I'm here, let me remind you." Akai said, rolling her eyes.

"You know the circumstances. Just get them out."

"Fine, General." Akai said mockingly.

The man paused, and the serious expression briefly disappeared from his face, "That's not funny. Besides, you get this right, and I'll be calling you General."

"Yeah, right," Akai laughed, "I'm too crazy for the upstairs to promote me. I'll do my best, Dirac."

                                                                        * * *

Tennikkian glared at Shashir, who was teasing him about his fear of the Greenstar.

It's really not funny.

Yes, it is. Shashir nodded, if it was possible for a dragon to nod.

Shouldn't Akai be here? Tennikkian asked, in an attempt to change the subject. She said she'd be here as that green thing is falling.

Tennikkian and Shashir were sitting on a porch of sorts, an area built for the soldiers to have something to do when there was nothing happening, which was certainly not the case. Not after defeating the Macri.
Most of the soldiers were wandering around the camp, where some traveling merchants had briefly set up shop. The soldiers received small bonuses when they won battles, and they were eager to spend them.

Other soldiers were sparring or playing games, or drinking Kel, an alcoholic drink particularly favored by soldiers. It was normally forbidden, but after a battle the soldiers were permitted to do whatever they wanted, within the bounds of civilian law. Mostly.

Most of the dragonriders of the army were down at the stables, tending to their dragons. Some had simply let their dragons out of the stables or, in Jerek's case, just told them to go "do whatever it is dragons do in the Darkness"

Tennikkian and Shahsir had purposely avoided the festivities and fun. They both still felt alienated from the soldiers, although for different reasons.

Suddenly, Shashir looked up to the stars and mused, Is it falling?

I hope so. You can't go to the stars until the Darkness starts, right?

Yes, Tennikkian. Shashir replied with a parental air. He had explained the mechanics of the Darkness to Tennikkian more times than he could remember. When it gets dark, I go to the greenstar and I take a little energy from it. It's like eating for humans. Now that I think about it, I'm surprised I could fight, having not taken any energy in so long.

Hey, look, there she is.

Here I am! Akai thought cheerily. Hey, ah, I've got something to tell you guys…

Akai had just made up her mind, though it had taken forever. It was just too dangerous to tell them about the Green Darkness. They simply wouldn't believe her yet. And she doubted Tennikkian would handle it well at all.

And besides, she had reasoned with herself, All I have to do is get them far enough away that Dirac won't be scared to send someone to pick up the seed.

Tennikkian noticed something about Akai, he didn't know quite what it was, but it was different.

"What is it, Akai?" Tennikkian said, perhaps too hurriedly?

I wanted to show you something. I got special permission to take you into town, Jerek wants you to buy some…Akai began.

"Okay, let's go." Tennikkian responded, eagerly, quickly.

 It's the Darkness. Shashir reminded him. Two blank stares from Akai and Tennikkian. The star? I have to fly to the star.

You can fly off anywhere. Tennikkian and Akai thought simultaneously.

Okay, okay. Shashir sighed.

"So where's town, Akai?"

"Viel, about thirty miles away."

Thirty miles? That will take hours. Shashir insisted. We don't have time to go there and back.

Akai had to use her very best mental control to avoid Shashir and Tennikkian realizing that she had no intention of actually going all the way to Viel.

It's okay, Tennikkian thought, We can ride on you. And why don't we pick up some Kel, I've always wanted to try some.

No you haven't. Shashir thought.


"Come on." Akai said, motioning the both of them to follow her.

And they followed her. The encampment wasn't that wide, and it took only a few minutes for them to be out of the area.

Shashir, you don't mind us riding you, do you? Akai asked.

It's okay. It would take all night if you didn't. Shashir sighed.

Come on, let's go, it's time to get going. We all know Jerek is insane, there's no telling how stupid he'll get. Tennikkian laughed, as he jumped onto Shashir's back.

He held his hand out to Akai, and lifted her onto Shashir.

Hold on, you two. Shashir warned. Tennikkian grabbed on to two large spikes in the front of Shashir's back.

"What am I supposed to hold on to?" Akai asked uncertainly.

"Me, I guess." Tennikkian said, unable to keep a smile off his face.

As soon as Akai put her arms uncertainly around Tennikkian's waist, Shashir took off like a rocket.

                                                                        * * *

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