You aren't who you were.
What happened to my friend?
I don't understand.
When I'm the only one there
I can see you.
Why do you change
When others come?
Then you ignore me.
I mean nothing to you.
Are you ashamed of me?
You're too worried about
What others may think.
You please everyone else instead of
Finding peace within your mind.
Why do you listen to them?
I fear for you.
I pray that your soul
Might find its way back.
You aren't who you were.
How long have you been hiding?
Why do you leave me
Here in the dark?
The things you do
Will eventually catch up.
I can see it.
Why can't you?
I stand in the dark
Feeling so helpless.
If only I could change you back.
If I could make you see
You mean nothing to them
And everything to me.
But the path you take
Is yours to choose.
You walk down that road
And I cannot follow.
I'll be here,
Waiting to help,
But I'm afraid.
Will you see too late?
I want to yell,
To shake you from your carelessness,
But you still wouldn't see.
Why don't you understand
That you're perfect
The way you are?
No, not the way you are.
The way you were.
You aren't who you were anymore.