Darkness engulfs the small,
taking them away from fantasy.
What once was color vibrant,
is now cool black, and grey.
Everything seems dull
rain falling on the streets,
smoke clouding the sky.
Where's the sun?
Where's the moon?
All that is seen is smoke,
and fog,
blocking everything from sight.
Where are the hills and the trees?
The ones that picnics were by,
and by green fields that people ran in all day,
without a care in the world.
Where is the sky, the clouds and the others?
The ones the child called her friends,
where is the one, which told her everything was all right at night?
When she thought there was a monster under her bed.
Where are they now that she are no longer a child?
Where are the people that said they'd stick together forever like glue?
Why did they leave her alone?
Why is she here in this place unknown to her,
The void where childhood fantasy,
turns into black and grey reality.
The void that no one can ever escape from.