By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had all started on January 27th,2991,when a young Star Corps officer named Kim Vesper had arrived at the orbiting launch dock to begin her new assignment aboard the legendary starship known as the USS H.G. Wells.

After she had shown the dock's commanding officer her transfer orders,Kim had proceeded to step aboard the massive space vessel and looked around with an sense of awe,for she had never seen such a wonderous ship before.

However,she had also realized that she wasn't suppossed to be on a sight seeing tour and was suppossed to be on her way up to the bridge to meet the ship's commanding officer,Captain Alexandra Cromwell,who had taken a good look at Kim and realized that the Star Corps had made the right choice in assigning the right person for the job of science officer.

Sometime later,after Alexandra had given Kim the grand tour and allowed her to report to her duty station,one of the launch dock personal had informed the entire crew of the H.G. Wells that she has recieved permission to leave the dock and proceed to their latest assignment,which was to try to make contact with a settlement on the planet Staver-6 and find out why they've lost contact with their home planet,Earth.

And so,after it had left the launch dock and began heading over to Staver-6,Alexandra had looked over at the science officer's station and suddenly became worried,because Kim was standing at her station with a hand over her head.

And after she had ran over to Kim and helped her sit in the Captain's Chair,Alexandra had placed her hand on top of Kim's and asked what was wrong with her.

The only answer that Kim had gave to Alexandra was that it might've been that she was experiencing her first bout of space lag and felt a little dizzy.

But that was until the starship has finally reached its destination and the ship's communications officer,Lieutenant Ryan McDonald had tried to make contact with the colony on Staver-6 with hopes of reaching anybody who might still be on the planet.

And then,after he had tried to reach the colony and failed at least three times,Alexandra had walked over to Ryan's station to help him give it one more try.

But while they were doing so,Kim had suddenly entered a trance like state and walked to the turbo lift to take it down to the ship's hanger bay.

And after she had entered the hanger bay and stepped into a shuttlecraft,the entranced Kim had flown the small ship out of the hanger bay and zoomed down to the planet itself.

Just then,a few minutes later,back aboard the H.G. Wells,a shocked Alexandra had discovered that Kim was no longer aboard the ship and that she might've taken a shuttle down to Staver-6.

About a couple of hours later,after a second shuttle had landed in the same spot next to the first one and Alexandra and her scouting party,which had included the ship's chief medical officer,Doctor John Fontoura had stepped out of the shuttle,they had started to go looking for their missing shipmate.

Then suddenly,as soon as they were about a couple of miles away from the landing sight,the scouting party had heard some giggling coming from a glade nearby.

And then,as soon as they had reached the glade,Alexandra had suddenly gotten the look of surprise on her face,for Kim and the colonists were romping around the glade--and in their birthday suits.

And just as they were about to walk down to the glade and check Kim and the colonists to see if they were alright,a benevolent lifeform had suddenly appeared from out of nowhere,walked over to the scouting party and raised his hand towards them.

And after he had let out a smile and welcomed the scouting party to their new home,his hand had glowed ever so brightly,causing them to cover their eyes.

One whole year later,another massive starship known as the USS Broadway had entered the Staver-6 system and tried to reach the USS H.G. Wells and find out what had happened to them.

Little had they known that a benevolent being has also been expecting them to arrive into the star system and was ready to welcome them back to their true home,for according to the being,all of humanity are actually his children and should be at the one place where they'll always be able to find true peace and happiness.