Is there something wrong?

Wrong with my heart?

Why won't it beat?

In my haste to protect myself

To guard my interior

From the hailing fire

That would shatter my inner web

Did I build up the battlement

Without knowing how to tear it down?

Did I abandon soldiers out on the field with the enemy

When I drew the bridge?

I laugh and cry

Feel joy and pain

But I cannot feel love

I can't help but think I must have broken it

When I built up my walls

Constructed my castle

Stone by stone

Betrayal by betrayal

Becoming harder and harder

Until it smothered my heart

But was no longer weak and susceptible to attack

I will not be weak

I will not be left vulnerable

But that what love is, isn't it?

Giving another access to your weaknesses and vulnerability

The siege has stopped

For now, at least

And yet, I can't remember how to lower the drawbridge

And put down my defenses

Though the allies come to my defense

They shall not be admitted

Until someone can blast through the stone walls,

Bring down my defenses,

And scale my walls

To the stagnant heart

That lies beating within