Falling back on those old excuses
To hide any possible failure for you
Not wishing to fall or appear weak
Just leaving skill unmarked potential

"I could make an A, if I studied at all
I could do well, but I didn't try hard
You know me, I don't care much
But if I did, I'd be top of the class"

Cushions to soften a collision with
The ground upon which you sail to
Fluffy clouds of deceit to catch you
Riding on the lies of what could be

Age, laziness, money - all bubbles
Springboards to your false dreams
Bouncing on excuse after excuse
Reasons why you don't succeed

Afraid to reach for the dream ahead
Because you might fail and drown
Not wanting to take that risk, to fall
Leaving your gift as mere "potential"

Pop those bubbles and leave no net
Remove all safety blankets you hold
Rise straight and don't hide behind
Those walls of security you've raised

Run fast…
Run hard…

If you fall…
Get up…
Dust off…
Go again!