A knock at your door
Okay before I start I want you to know
You'll always have my heart.
I think about you everyday & I can't get you out of my head.
I'm going out of my head with feelings that should be left behind.
I've been hurt before and for some reason
I keep coming back for more.
I keep telling myself next time will be different.
But how? When I'm too afraid to knock on your door.
I know you very well & I know there's still more.
How will I know if I don't knock on your door?
I know how you feel but the feelings are for someone else.
This passion that I see, I wish....
It could be for me. But it isn't
I'm not sure, that I want you to know
How much I need you. But I'm afriad to knock on your door.
To see your face, brings me joy.
To hear your laugh, makes me smile.
When I'm sad you make me happy.
But when your sad you turn away.
You've had your problems but who hasn't? I'm living proof.
But for some reason you stay.
Even if I seem far away.
From people I know, who care, but then, when I'm with you you're
always close to me.
Here I go, getting out of my car. To knock on your door that seems so
Knock once; knock twice, turn to run in fright.
But the door opens & you say "Hi"
Slowly I turn, to return your greeting with a smile on my face.
So happy to be back in this wonderful place.