My Pen, My Paper, My Life
27 January 2004
11:29 P.M.

My pen is like an ocean liner,
My paper like the waters blue
They both carry me,
Carry me to places new.
Places I have never been
Places I have longed to see
As I struggle down life's path
My pen and paper guide me.
My pen is like the welcomed rain,
My paper like the shining sun
Both they hold my secrets
I tell them when my day is done.
My pen and paper clear the clouds
And allow the sun to shine
I trust in my pen and paper
They are true through the times.
My pen is like my heart
My paper like my soul
If I were lacking either of them
I would not be completely whole
When the world has forsaken me
And I have lost my place
My pen and paper carry me
Back to myself where I am safe.