We begin our story in Birmingham, AL at a school named Trace Crossings Elementary School. It's recess time for the fourth graders. We see a happy Chinese girl running around with her many friends. This innocent girl has no idea what life has in store for her.
The teacher walks out of his fifth grade classroom in Chattanooga, TN. His students turn around and start happily chatting with their friends. But wait, you take a closer look and see a girl sitting by herself reading a book. Nobody talks to her. They act as if she doesn't exist.
She doesn't seem to mind very much but underneath her carefree mask, you see a very sad and depressed child. It is hard to believe that this shunned child is the same girl that a year ago, was happy and popular. Sometimes, when she thinks no one is looking, the mask she is working hard to perfect, slips and you see the true extent of her agony.
After class, she tries again to make friends with one of her classmates but like all the other times, she is only made fun of. They tease her about her looks, her good grades, her clothes, and everything else until she finally walks away. They had no idea how much pain they inflicted on the girl or the resolution she made to herself never to make herself vulnerable to getting hurt again by offering the hand of friendship.
About halfway into the school year, a new girl named Elizabeth joins the class. The girl was so desperate for friendship that she broke her resolution and they became best friends. The girl started thinking that school wasn't so bad after all.
One day a girl named Lisha, who the girl thought was one of her friends, talked to Elizabeth. Elizabeth later told the girl what Lisha had said. Lisha had told Elizabeth to ditch the girl because Elizabeth had the potential to be popular. But Elizabeth could never be popular if she hung around with the girl.
The girl was hurt that someone she thought of as a friend would try to turn her only true friend against her. She was glad that Elizabeth didn't follow Lisha's advice and they remained best friends.
It is the second day of eighth grade at Darnell-Cookman Middle School. While waiting for her gym coach to begin class, a girl named Tiara decided to bother the new girl. She started saying her name in a very annoying way and when she got ignored, she sat in front of the girl so the girl couldn't se the person she was talking to. Then she started calling her names and wouldn't stop no matter how many times she was asked to.
Many people don't think that I have ever been bullied. They think that people that have been bullied don't act the way that Julie Jiang does. That is because I have had years to perfect he mask that wear every day so nobody know what I've gone through and sees the scars that have been left on my soul by bullying. Next time you see somebody being bullied, step in and stop them because you have no idea what scars and pain it can inflict on a person.