Depression's Memories

Th pain is not that great now,

But soon enough it will

Never seeing, all is lost

Never standing still

It consumes you with every flinch,

With every tear you shed

Deeper, deeper do you fall

Can't escape-

It's too late.

A slave to it you become

Lonely, depressed, and sad

Never again to know the joys that you once had

And though you try, you never can

Tell them how it is

How the hurt just eats away

You keep it swallowed in.

Searching for a way to end

Just how bad you feel,

A bloody jab into your side,

A rusty knife you steal.

A/N: I found this in my drawer I wrote it.. two years ago, I think. At the time when my life started .. uh. Spiraling downwards. o.O;; Yeah. I like this one, actually. Though there was a time I didn't. Hn. O.o