I walked in tired and sore
I took off my coat my bag hit the floor
I walked into the kitchen looking for some meat
I look at my wife and took a seat.
Hey honey have you talked to your daughter
she looked like she had just seen a slaughter
she told me about drugs and poor marks at school
I didn't want to believe it stubborn as a mule
I followed my nose to a smell
I opened her door it looked like hell
she could have been high she could have been low
at that moment I really didn't know.
She looked at me once with anger in her eyes
"I hate you your horrible" I knew these were lies.
My wife blamed me for not being there
my rage was growing I should have been aware
she hit me once I hit her back
but just then I heard a sickening crack
I ran up the stairs but it was too late
my daughter had planed it and it was a date
there she hung in a noose
I grabbed her body and pulled her loose
I held her tight I loved her so
the cops were here I had to go
I knew it wasn't all my fault
but now I am charged with assault.
Remember when you are my mad
calm down a be a good dad.