The Flames Within

She is the quiet one
A truly caring soul
Harming only those who harm first
Healing the bodies and minds of all

Healer first, mage second
Her past is secret
Her true identity known to few
For few trust a killer

Conflict draws her
As a moth to flame
To aid the good
And heal the rest

Calm and cheerful
Friendly and funny
Happy to help
Those in need

But beware
For everyone has a dark side
Slow to anger
Slower still to forget

Her fury flamed to rage
Causes disaster
Flames will burn and consume
All those who harm the ones she loves

Her rage explodes
Her body begins to burn
Soon only a pillar of flame
With her emotions in control

Everything that angers her will ignite
Everything she loves shielded
Those who watch do so in awe
At the living flame she has become

Ever dangerous
Ever frightened
Of what she will do next
She continues to heal

Her dark side hidden
Until her anger is sparked
A healer first, a mage second
An assassin before