Sweet Lullaby

Hush my little darling

Don't say a word.

Listen to this lullaby

And close your sweet gentle eyes

And dream of the places

Far from this world.

Don't fret my darling child

I'm here so don't you cry.

Mommy's here to hold your hand

To guide you through these foreign lands

And take you to the clouds up in the sky.

Sleep and be peaceful

Don't wake alarmed

I'm here to protect you

Protect you from harm.

Yes, my darling baby

I'll be here for you

So when you wake and see the light

I'll be right here within your sight

And hold you like I always do.

So hush, my little darling

Sleep and be free

Dream the dreams of sunshine

And cold water streams.

I'm always there with you

So don't be afraid

Mommy's here I'll always be

To play with you and you will see

The love that I made

For you…

+ - + - + - + - + -

I was bored and I wanted to do something oO So this popped into my head .; Yeap… I'm even trying to put it piano xD;; I'm sad ^^;