Monica And The Space Elves
By:Andrew Troy Keller

Monica Brandser was driving along a stretch
Of highway on her way over to fetch
Some paperwork from the Fort Pryor Air Force
Base,until her car suddenly went off course
And drove itself right into a ditch.

After she finally got herself out of the car
And looked around,she had so far
Found no one coming down the road to get
Her car out of the ditch.However,she was hit
By a strange light beam,which came from afar.

And then,a large spacecraft appeared from
Out of nowhere and lifted her from
Her spot and towards the very craft itself.
After that,Monica saw a bunch of small elf-
Like creatures,which had came from
Some remote solar system to discover
What they possible could from her.
And as soon as they've started with the
Experiments,the ship had zoomed away from the
Planet Earth and into outer space forever.