He walked in the shadows. A pale white light fell onto his chest, showing his exposed chest through his open black silk shirt. His skin was a warm pale gold color. On a long silvered chain that fell to the middle of his chest hung a talon that looked very much like a hawk's, in the setting there was a blue moonstone which shone with a turquoise light in the bright pale light. He took a step forward. The light spread up to the lower part of his face. The rest still in shadows. His soft full lips parted in a wicked grin showing pearly teeth, ivory fangs glistened. He slowly smiled a close-lipped smile to hide his fangs but the wickedness was still there. He moved forward a shaft of light now light the top portion of his face. The rest moved into shadow. Pale silvered hair feel to frame his face and eyes and veil his otherwise intense gaze. His eyes glittered with intensity, mystery, intelligence, strange unbridled passions, ancient untold wisdoms and a strange sense of primal spirit. He moved across the room, swaying with animal grace and tossed his head back sending his hair back away from his eyes. His eyes roamed the room. Looking for love, friendship. or prey? It was impossible to tell. He brought to mind powerful jungle cats with his long, lean, muscular body and his smooth lithe movements. He radiated animal like energy. His eyes flashed an intense emerald with streaks of amber and gold. Power, grace and danger.

Women looked at him smiles touching their lips and longing plain in their eyes and maybe a little. fear? He met their eyes with a fiery, confident smile. His eyes once again flashing this time with pride and a basic sense of mutual attraction. A girl sighed. He continued to walk and stopped short at a table in the dimly lighted bar.

One of the guys, a tall, dark, imposing figure shot him a look of disdain. The guy's dark Romany brown eyes flashing with pride and indignant and a touch of warning. The man who was seated was larger, broader. If the silver man brought to mind the sleek jungle cats this one brought to mind a lion claiming his territory. The dark haired angel-faced man through his hair white teeth and fangs flashed in the dim light, a warning or a welcome?

The silvered man tossed his hair again to show how little he cared. The other man smiled a dark and appreciative smile. A thin, strong looking muscular woman, with high cheekbones and large saucer-like eyes put her arms on one of the dark man's massive arms. Her goldish bronze skin seemed to glow and her brownish amber eyes looked resigned and slightly annoyed. They flashed with warning as they met the silver man's gaze. He shrugged a mischievous calm smile touching his lips as he sat. Her face was angles and plains, high cheekbones; her hair was long, straight, it fell lusterless and yet glowing to her shoulders. She sighed, her fangs catching the light.

A muscular blonde rolled her amber-gold eyes and took a sip of her drill. She growled low in her throat. It sounded part growl part purr. Her eyes shown with mischief and she lowered her self into a sitting crouch. Her long shining gold and black streaked hair shining in the bright yellow lighting over her head. Oddly the lighting seemed to be only really on her and the silvered man believed she had done this one purpose. She looked like a young tigress. Her tight black tank top clung to her like another skin. The way she positioned herself you could see her tight abs and her black hip huggers. Her skin was a warm bronzish gold very much like her hair. She emitted a playful hiss showing pearly fangs between blood red lips.

She leaned back against the back of her chair sipping a blood red drink with a sense of amused humor shining in her eyes and a touch of challenge. He met her eyes intensely and growled softly, his eyes just as mischievous as hers. She smiled and tossed her hair. Her eyes never leaving his.

He winked and his gaze drifted to the left of her. A young man, a year or two younger than him sat there sprawled in his chair with cat-like grace. The younger man rose slowly and gracefully to sit upright in his chair. The young one met his gaze eyes flashing welcome, challenge and amusement. He returned the gaze with similar emotions. The boy tossed his head making his orangish bronze hair sticking up even more oddly. His hair stuck up in a spiky style. His pale peach skin was colored as orangish as the hair on his head by the orange light over his head. His chin was pointed in a way that reminded others of a cat's. His face was angled at the table but his glowing hazel eyes, which were shining with a strange energy, were leveled at Silver Hawke. They met each other's gaze and the slight movements of their heads, the expressions on their faces, the glow in their eyes. all of it reveled something.

The younger man looked over at the dark man and rolled his eyes before returning his gaze to Silver. Silver smiled and raised an eyebrow. The younger man nodded a smirk touching his lips with wicked mischief and clarity. Tigress asked eyes shining, "Hawke what have you been up to? You're late." Her voice a husky purr as she spoke, she deliberately lifted her glass to her lips to cover the smile of understanding and shared secret as she spoke.

Silver, Hawke really, smiled mysteriously and winked. He rose a bit and resettled himself, a smile still on his lips.

The dark man, Anther shot him a look of annoyance despite the fact he was oblivious to the silent communication between Hawke and Leo. He leaned forward leaning partially over the table, though he moved out of the shadows, he seemed to bring the shadows with him. Like he was an extension of night in and of himself. His face calm, cool, dangerous; his tone and posture just as dangerous. His eyes half closed with threat and malice. His tone smooth, "So now you're to busy with your grand life to show up on time and too good to tell us why?" Challenge hung in the air like something tangible. It was like a heavy, fiery, energy in the air, that they all felt.

Hawke not one to back down, leaned over the table as well. He gracefully and smoothly placed his elbows on the table and shifted forward, crossing his arms in front of him on the table. His hair shown like silver and moved like liquid silver in the harsher white light made him seem colder and his strange beauty intensify. His emerald eyes glittered with annoyance and defiance. His expression smooth, calm and cool, and almost condescending. There was a sense of calm, cold indignance about him. He leaned forward and said smoothly, his voice as much a purr as the tigress's but with a cold ringing edge of steel to it. "You." he stressed as if talking to a small child careful not to linger on the word long enough to make the condescension plain, " were there when we." he again stressed this word, "decided to have separate lives from this." He leaned back a bit, just a bit, "And that is what I am doing. living my life and keeping it separate." He leaned back a little more just enough to show that this was ended and not seem like he was backing down.

Tigress smiled sweetly, seduction and sensuality oozed from her, her tone, her posture, her. everything. Her eyes half closed as she flirted. Her blood red lips parted in a sensuous slight smile. Her legs crossed. She gently placed a hand on Anther's shoulder and her other hand on Hawke's forearm. Her voice a caress that could warm the coldest of heart as well as... err.... other regions and purred, "Now boys… play nice…. no fighting remember." Her tone had been dripping with sarcasm and had had just the right amount of condescension to get the point across without over-offending either.

Hawke sighed inwardly at her ability to do that ... it would be a skill he would be glad to have. Anther smiled inwardly... he really didn't want to dismember Hawke but he needed to show him who was in charge and that he wouldn't stand for him being late to meetings.

Parda growled low in her throat a warning at Tigress. Tigress shot her a sly catty look out of the corner of her eyes and squeezed Anthers shoulder twice, the growl deepened. Parda was now on the edge of her seat her eyes now an amber-gold with annoyance at the threat to her relationship with Anther. Tigress threw her naturally tiger streaked hair over her shoulder with a fluid toss of her hair, to show her what she thought of that. "Now boys… don't we have things to discuss."

Both Hawke and Anther slid back never breaking eye contact. The tension dissolved. Anther smiled at Hawke eyes shining with amusement, pride, and no little part challenge. Hawke returned the smile. They had showed that they were challenges had been made, challenges passed, pride spared, face saved, now all was right with the world again. well sort of. they still hadn't had the meeting. Tigress sighed and shot a look to Parda that said plainly ... Men. Parda smiled and the rolled their eyes and tossed their hair in a shared gesture. Peace between them restored by the bond of womanhood and the same sense of incredibility at the actions of prideful men.

Leo just smiled behind his hand and stretched and stifled a yawn, his long lean body sprawled over the back of his chair. Strands of hair fell across his face in a way very similar to Hawke's, he had two booted feet on the table very much like a certain person called Anther was known to do and his sprawl looked very much like a tired Hawke's.

Tigress grinned at Parda and winked. Parda grinned back with a smile and a glint of pride and amusement in her eyes as she brushed a long strand of ebony hair away from her face. Leo flushed and sat up quickly., his feet falling soundlessly to the floor. Both Hawke and Anther shot him a look, then looked at each other with a raised eyebrow before turning to the two women. Both women busied themselves stretching which almost distracted the males and then when that didn't work returned their gazes with a detached glare. Both men shuddered whether for real of pretend was unsure but the ladies didn't care they had gotten the desired result. Hawke leaned back in his chair; his arms dangling over the sides of the chair, his head back, a strand of hair falling across his face shading it. Parda smiled and Tigress giggled and they shot each other a look. Leo flushed again and continued looking at the floor. Hawke raised an eyebrow at them before turning his attention back to Anther. "So what do I need to know?"