Turn the wheel.
This is how it ends.
You were alone in your cold bed.
No one there to hold your hand.
No one there to pray for you.
But know that you weren't alone.
I was always there for you.
And I always will be.
No need to feel alone.
I'll been watching out for you.
Suffocating confines,
Decaying mind waves,
Always more interested in the insides.
Macabre thoughts,
Dilapidated beauty,
Stop loving the soupy insects, maggot.
Vomit and pus filled skull.
Lick it up with your sliced tongue.
Rancid smell of dead flesh.
Tears in your eye skin.
Maggots squirming in your blood.
Mutated babies staring from glass jars.
Dead bodies lying in your bed.
Roundworms floating in bile.