Your blank stare. You know that stare. The one you see when someone falls
to the ground clutching their heart. That's me right now.
I can feel it going through me. What you said earlier today, it really hit
me. I realize you're as shallow as the rest. What a jip. I thought I was
onto something. You know, loving you forever and all. but I'm not for you,
I'm just a friend, nothing more.
I see this world turn ethereal and I never hit the ground
Its just such a disappointment to find out I'm not the one. That your eyes
can only see what they're told to see, and that your heart follows suit by
feeling what your eyes tell it to. That girls like you aren't available to
guys like me. You know?
And now I'm out of reach. I'm too far for human hands, hearts, ears,
mouths. I can't hear you, I can't feel you, I can't see you, and I'm gone.
You're the only thing that can save me, and you can't. It's not in you. It
was always in me. I can't break loose of your chain! Your fuckin spell!
Let me go.
I want to scream as I fall beneath the sand
Going toward the center, the center of something. I can't see anymore. My
pain, this pain, I hope is an illusion, a test. And my love will not be
happiness it will be my burden. It twists me and deforms me and pulls me
Faster now I can hear a scream
Getting closer to me, I'm getting scared. Save me now please. I beg you in
my dreams. I don't want to encounter the source of the noise. I can't
control my fall as I tumble through the rock, getting hotter.
It sounds like suicide
It feels like death from within, an abstract thought without any direction.
This is your last chance to listen. Grasping, gasping air, I grow dizzy,
grow desperate. Make it leave, shake loose, break loose, help me.
I can see its teeth
Appear as my spirit falls through the lava and molten rock. It's distorted
and grotesque, yet enthralling in its beauty. It encapsulates me with its
essence and draws me closer. Slowly.
Blades pierce my spirit and you watch me writhe and fucking scream!
It sends blissful shocks through me and crushes my insides.
I go under again. Drowning through myself. A last breath. I feel myself
drain through myself, screaming and thrashing through the chaos of my mind
and heart. Consumed by the feeling I cant feel anything but the one emotion
now. A painful anger and happiness strike me and I lose myself.
Gone now.
I've escaped you.