Author's note: Froggy is the name I call my maths teacher Miss Tan, it suits her but I might write a poem about why so I won't tell you here.


"Maths, maths, maths,"

We cry

That hateful word so filled with doom

To our happiness we say goodbye

When entering that classroom

Our faces tight with worry

Our eyes shut in fear

Out of the classroom we would hurry

If we did not hold our lives dear

"Froggy, Froggy, Froggy,"

We whisper

Our words filled with despair

We lean forward with tear-filled eyes

Our faces covered by hair

Our head lies

Upon the desk

Froggy smiles

As she shouts "You pest!"

Our calculators we put to work

We can't do it, and go berserk

The tears, they fall

Now out they rush

The wall is wet

Our brain turns to mush

"Maths, maths, maths,"

We cry

"Go away, before we die,"