Protect Me by Lizzie Conswello
Safe in your arms I will be
I need not need a place to hide
I am safe in your arms

No one can find us
We are hidden from everyone's eyes
I don't want to be found
I am happy and safe here in your arms

Hold me close
Don't ever let me go
Don't let the evils of this world take me
Protect me

I embrace you with all I can
I pray it is enough
Will you accept me?
Will you allow me in your presence?
Please, dear Lord,
I need to hide from the world

Take me from all of the hatred and evil
Take me to the beautiful heaven
Where I will be safe

Forever I will be grateful
Forever I will embrace you
Forever I will pray to you
Forever is an awfully long time,
But it will be worth it.

God Bless.

My dear, dear friend Lizzie wrote this poem (all I did was edit and put in
a comment here and there) when she thought all was lost and there was no
one to protect her. Then, she was reminded that God was always with her,
protecting her from whatever evil he can destroy.