I was in the bathroom,
I locked the stall door,
I took off my jacket
and laid it on the floor.

I pulled out the note,
read it over again.
I took out my knife
and felt a great pain.

I knew my friend would miss me,
but it won't change a thing.
These girls kept hurting me,
on and on the kept taunting.

As deep red blood runs down
my shivering hand,
it's dripping faster,
I can barely stand.

The walls are swimming,
I see my Dad
there I am hit
because I was bad.

This as my life
flashing before my eyes.
I see my mother
baking cherry pies.

My world's gone black,
I'm going to die.
For my last few moments
I gasp a huge sigh.

My eyes roll back,
I faint and fall.
I hear a near
child's voice call.

"Come play! Come play!
It's tones of fun!"
My long after life
has just begun.

That is what happens
to girls at school.
Due to this
it has been a rule.

No pushing, no shoving,
no taunting and such.
Who would want to
hate you so much.

These girls couldn't care
they aren't aware,
they just walk by with out a pause
to think of the damage they have caused.