I lost hope again…because of you You don't know you did a d**n thing

You couldn't decide on what to do

If we should be friends, or something

You don't get me, or even yourself

You're not even sure I'm straight

Your parents fear for my mental health

And my soul's miserable fate

Why do I kid myself that I can like a guy?

Lying is morally and ethically wrong

When you're lying to yourself you want to die

Of the fear you've held close so long

Why do I like more and more of them

Each day, another road to loss and pain

When I don't even know who I am

And my only comfort is the rain

The rain is beautiful; it's in my magickal name

It turns from a puddle into soaring mist

And falls again, rising only to fall the same

As the broken-hearted girl afraid to be kissed