Standing alone and empty inside,
I realize I will never know you.
You're going to leave me on the steps,
In the snow and the cold you're so accustomed to.

Standing alone I realize,
Slowly and painfully,
I will never be with you,
I will never know you.

The burning heart I had once longed to give away,
Is now locked away in a safe,
My chest,
And that's where it will always fucking stay.

Standing alone I feel,
Nothing inside me and far from overjoyed,
Nothing but a lonesome void.

I realize,
Standing alone,
On those steps and stairs,
I am alone.

And I always will be,
Because you don't want to be with me.
My heart feels so very distant,
Because our love is only soi-disant.

But true,
I feel so very blue,
I just found out I will never know you.