I am sitting alone,
Staring into space.
I look around me,
Trying to find my place.

I was taught to be good,
Completing labors with a smile.
But I had yet to experience this,
My very first trial.

Mistakes happen so fast,
We can only blink.
But why is mine so different?
Why does mine cause me to sink?

Before now, I only saw smiles,
But they are no longer there.
I only see a burning despise,
Do you honestly care?

You were trying to teach me,
Everything right from wrong.
You wanted to create a better world,
Sing unto all a new song.

But your glare tells me otherwise,
Piercing my inner being.
You look at me as a disgrace,
Is this what all are seeing?

I begin to sink in despair,
Clawing away at my soul.
I feel nothing now,
As my heart turns to coal.

I lie still,
Crying from your glare.
I start to feel anger,
Shaking up my stare.

Courage leads me to look away,
But the feeling is left to tingle.
Fear mixed with hatred,
Dancing as they mingle.

I want you to know,
You ignited this flame.
The reason why I'm gone,
I am left in hatred's claim.

I look again to the new world,
Created with tinges of red.
Is this your new song?
It might as well be dead.

Can I sing my song now?
Let's start with the tears,
We'll continue through the rage,
And end with the fears.

Where is the happiness?
Don't you know?
All smiles left at the first trial,
When I had to let go.

This is my requiem,
Lulling me to sleep,
Where I can finally rest,
In my only friend's keep.