Dear Fortinbras,

As I speak four bodies litter the floor of the royal castle in Elsinor, Denmark - King Claudius, Queen Gertrude, Prince Hamlet and Laertes, son of Polonius, a respected councillor of the state. Hamlet's last words to me were telling me to tell his story. Some parts of it even I don't understand but I will do my best and try to explain anyway.

It all began on a freezing, moonless night.

The guards, Marcellus and Barnardo, were patrolling the battlements of Elsinor castle when they reported seeing a ghost. It sounded as if it was the ghost of the old King, Hamlet's father, who had died earlier in the year by being supposedly stung by a serpent. I went and informed Prince Hamlet, my friend from university. I told him about the ghost and the succeeding night he came out to the battlements to see for himself.

The ghost of the King enlightened his son to the fact that he had been poisoned. Murdered. The King had been sleeping in his orchard when his brother, Claudius dripped poison in his ear and killed him in cold blood. The malevolent Claudius was then the one who gained by King's death; he claimed the throne and he married Gertrude, the King's widow and Prince Hamlet's mother.

The ghost instructed Prince Hamlet to take revenge against Claudius but didn't tell him how. Hamlet decided to forge insanity since he thought this would be the only way he could get away with revenge. Hamlet's first victim of madness was Ophelia, Polonius' daughter, and a girl who claimed to love him. Ophelia, disturbed by Hamlet's display of lunacy, reported it to her father straight away.

Meanwhile Hamlet went to speak with his mother. He heard a noise behind the curtain and, hoping it would be Claudius, accidentally stabbed Polonius. After the death of her father Ophelia went mad and drowned in a possible suicide.

Laertes, who had been overseas, then returned for his sister's funeral. He saw Hamlet at the funeral and they grappled in the grave. By this time Laertes wanted revenge.

Consequently he and Claudius teamed together and arranged a duel between Hamlet and Laertes. Hamlet understood that it was just a friendly match but in reality Laertes' sword had been unbated and envenomed so Hamlet would die. Just in case Claudius had a cup of poisoned wine. Unfortunately Gertrude drank the wine by accident and died. Laertes scored a hit and the venom was released into Hamlets bloodstream. Hamlet knew.

He seized the envenomed sword and stabbed Laertes. With his dying breath Laertes revealed Claudius' guilt. Hamlet stabbed Claudius and forced him to swallow the poison. He was dead in seconds.

Hamlet died in my arms, leaving me to pick up the pieces.