'It's all your fault!' Were the words I had been hearing for as long as I could remember. Not like that was much. The downcast eyes and dirty, pitiful looks were what I had lived with ever since that night so long ago. I was fifteen now. I must have been alt least thirteen when the 'accident', as they called it, happened. No one would talk about it. No one would tell me what happened. I fingered the emerald stone on a gold chain at my throat, the only thing I was allowed to keep for myself, for a reason I did not know. They would be coming with food soon, with there fake smiles and cheery attitudes. I knew behind there false kindness was despise, hatred for something I did, but didn't remember. The women with the pointed face, as I had come to call her, came. Entering through an always locked door at the left of my small room. But she had no food. "Food?" I asked, one of the few words I knew. The women shook her head. "We have decided that you don't need to…Exist anymore…I hope you can understand…" She talked slowly, as if talking to a child, probably in the most simple way she could. I understood, but did nothing. She shook her head sadly and left. I took a deep breath, it was time to get out. I had been planning it for a while now; escaping. Eyeing the door I moved closer to the small window I had. It had been barred before, but wasn't now. I didn't know why. Unfortunately, the door opened. Once again the women was there. I blinked. She pointed to my necklace. "Give it to me." My hand shot to my necklace. "Mine…" I whispered. Her eyes narrowed. "Give the necklace to me…" She hissed. "No." I said, slowly moving away from her until my back was against the wall. She took a step closer. "Give me the necklace!" She growled. "No!" I said firmly, looking her straight in the eyes. "Give it to me!" She screamed, and advanced on me. I shook my head. She raised her hand, and hit me, back-handing me across the face. I yelled at jumped back, and hit the wall. But managed to stay standing. Fury raised up inside of me, anger against her, and who ever kept me here. I felt something inside of me, a power. "Now, give it to me," The women extended her hand. "No!" I screamed, and turned my anger on her, and with that, the power. The women went rigid, then fell to her knees, screaming. The look on her face was one of complete agony. I didn't care. I ran passed her, out the door and into another room. Taking no notice of my surroundings, I ran out another door, and into the sun. I was in field. But I didn't stop there, I kept running. Across the field and into a heavily wooded forest. I stopped when I got farther into the trees. Shaking I crawled under a large fern. I didn't want to think about what had happened. Even if it did, it all pasted to fast. Much to fast. And I was scared to think of how calm I had been. Pushing all thoughts of that out of my mind I concentrated on one thing; I was free. And that was all that mattered.