'so very easily'

I said, I was stupid,

for what I felt.

I said 'love' so easily.

I knew, It wasn't cupid,

whose cards were dealt.

and I fell for what I could see,

and fell in love so easily.

I saw you as lacking perfection,

and with the pain I felt.

I erased from my memory,

so, so easily.

seeing your beautiful eyes,

but not your faults.

cutting you down to fit,

hauntingly, very easily.

you said, I was stupid

for what I felt,

for I said 'love' far,

far too easily.

and now, please be that way,

the image I felt,

when I said 'love'

so very, very easily

Please lie to me and be my ideal,

even with the pain I felt.

for I will say 'love' so,

so very easily...