Drones, all of you
Mindless beings
Conditioned as Pavlov's dog.
Bell rings, you stand.
You don't ask why.
You just do.

Hand over heart
Mind blank as the board
Hollow voices speaking hollow words.
One nation.
Under God.
Who's God?
Not mine.

Swearing eternal loyalty
To a nation and a leader.
Blind nationalism.
Liberty and Justice for all.
What a sick joke.

Do you realize?
Do you understand?
What you are doing?
Praising a country
That could care less?
A system
That doesn't need you?
You have ten dollars
Not a million.
Not a billion.
What value are you to them?

Oh, yeah, I forgot.
You're cheap labor.
Why hire the experienced
When teenagers
Cost so much less?

The Almighty dollar
It rules us
Not the people
Not the majority
Not our best interests

Work, produce
Earn, spend, work more
Paid less.

"Back hurts?"
"Need surgery?"
"No insurance?"
"Can't afford it?"
"You're fired."

"Was that the "U" word?"
"You're gone, too."
"Everyone back to work!"
"Damn you, Marx."

One day
No more red, white, and blue
Replace with green, gold and silver
That's the American way.

Almost done now
Longing for your chair
What's on FOX tonight?
Conservative news.
And the Lying Liars who tell them.

Men on the moon
The Man wants Mars.
And oil.
And an empire.
Irrationality rules.

Preachers on a pulpit
All the world can see.
Telling more lies
Laced with religion
But you don't think this.

What's on FOX tonight?
Oh yeah, the OC.
It's over now
You all sit down
I don't sit down.

Because I don't stand.