Evil Inside Ernie's Scrap Yard
By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had began on the 30th of January,when Jake
Grimes had deicided to pay a visit to Lake
Holsey,which was where his old high school chum,Ernie Katt
Had made a real good living being a pack rat,
Who had been selling stuff he found by the lake.

At first,Jake had thought of Ernie's behavior as eccentric.
But that was before he saw what was a trick
To him:his friend sitting in a chair and looked
Like he was having daydreams about something in a book.
Then,Jake saw something that had really made him sick.

There was something evil inside Ernie's scrap yard and it
Had turned him into something from out of a crypt.
It had killed Ernie for stealing something from the lake--
And that something was what had suddenly gotten Jake's
Attention,for it was a golden brouche with something inside it.

And when he looked inside the brouche,Jake discovered
That it was a picture of a woman with a little boy who was next to her.
But then,just as he was about to figure out how
Old the picture was,he had felt a sharp blow
On the back of the head,that came from a monster.

A monster of such a truly ugly sight--
And Jake had made a mistake of picking a fight
Against such a powerful beast,before it had grabbed him
By the throat,smashed him
Through the wall and returned to the night.