I'm not an actress
I hate the stage
I'm not a musician
I can barely play
I'm not a writer
My stories suck
I can't do shit I guess I'm outta luck!

A no-talent kid in a go-nowhere town
And a do-nothing school that puts it's kids down
With care-not parents and share-not sibs
They say I'm no-good so why should I care?

I'm not a journalist
News makes me sad
I'm not a politician
They make me mad
I'm not a supermodel
I don't have the looks
I like to read but I can't afford the books!


I'm not a Republican
They piss me off
I'm not a Democrat
I think they suck
I'm not Independent
It's just not for me
I used to be a Communist but like that's working!


I'm not maternal
I hate little kids
I'm not a loner
I need relationships
I won't go into business
Math is too confusing
If this is the Game of Life I think I'm losing...


I have no friends
I have no luck
I have no talent
Just a no-good punk

I have no skills
I have no drive
They killed my ambition
Why the hell am I alive?