The Murderer and the Cheater

A/N: Yes, there are stage directions and such but this was supposed to be a
3-5 minute scene and well, it's not great but hey! It's not half bad! It's also VERY straightforward. And you can tell me if they are close to
the story at all.

(Playing cards)

Victoria: Elizabeth, what have seen the news lately? Elizabeth: No, I've been very busy. Though, I wonder what you've seen. (Says seen very suspiciously) Victoria: People have been rioting all over, just because of some silly little news.
Catherine: Victoria, that news isn't very little, or silly for that
matter. (Puts some money in the middle) A scandal is very serious news.
Elizabeth: Oh, let's not talk about such grim tidings. But what is that
noise outside?
Catherine: (nodding head towards left) That, my dear, is the sound of
rioting people.
Eleanor: Miss Victoria, you ought to come see this.
Victoria: See what, exactly?
Eleanor: Well, the rioters are making their way towards here.
Victoria: One moment. (Eleanor and Victoria cross to stage left and
"look" out window)
Elizabeth: That Victoria's a sly one.
Catherine: I'm afraid I don't understand.
Elizabeth: Please, the riot hasn't gotten any louder since I've gotten
here. I think she's up to something.
Catherine: Elizabeth! Don't be stupid. What could she possibly be up
to? (Says in an almost defensive voice)
Elizabeth I think she's.(Victoria comes back in, followed by Eleanor who
is carrying a tray with three glasses of wine)
Victoria: I hope you enjoy red wine! (Elizabeth hides mouth from
Victoria, who resumes her seat in the middle, and mouths "Cheating" to
Catherine: (slowly nods head) Well, I do love wine now and then. (Says
Victoria: Good, very good. Eleanor! The glasses!
Eleanor: Yes, m'lady. (picture!)
Catherine: Ooooh.well, are you ladies in?
Victoria: of course.
Elizabeth: I fold.
Catherine: Hah! Four aces!
Victoria: four Kings! (Catherine collects money from center of table)
Elizabeth: There's only one way that could've possibly happened!
Eleanor: and that is. (they all look at her funny.)
Elizabeth: Victoria, I believe you've been cheating!
Victoria: Cheating! I've never cheated in all my life!
Catherine: I think I'll be siding with Elizabeth on this one! (Takes a
sip from wine) When you got up I think you may have (cough) seen (cough,
cough) my (lots of coughs) I can't (cough) stop coughing! (Keeps
coughing for awhile while Victoria, Eleanor and Elizabeth are trying to
stop her from coughing. Suddenly she stops and is still.)
Elizabeth: She's.she's dead! (Clasps hands over mouth)
Victoria: (grabbing two cards from behind Catherine) Out, out with you!
Ruining a perfectly good card game! Why, if you hadn't gotten Catherine
so riled up, she may still be alive! (Elizabeth leaves quickly, rushing
to gather her coat)
Eleanor: (once Elizabeth is offstage) So, the poison worked well?
Victoria: Unbelievably. Now Eleanor, when you find the time, could you
throw this godforsaken body in the trash?
Eleanor: Yes m'lady. But first, may I have her necklace? I've always
wanted a diamond necklace.
Victoria: (taking the necklace off of Catherine along with bracelets and
earrings) Of course, you've been very faithful.