I'm cold
And I'm sick
I'm sick of everyone
I hate this alone feeling
Like no one cares
But I know they do
How is it
That one person has the power
To control all my emotions?
It's not fair.
It's not like me
To be so dependent
I never was before
Why now?
Why you?
What did you do to me
To make me feel this way?
My head is spinning in circles
Because of you
Because I can't decide what to do
I love you
But do you love me?
Is everything you ever said all a lie?
Will you be the one
Who opens me up,
Makes me cry?
What will I do then?
I know nothing of tears
I used to hide all my fears
I can't anymore
I fear for you
I fear for us
Here I am
Expressing myself
Maybe I should just give up.
Give up on us
Give up on you
Give up on me
I know I can't
My feelings for you are just too strong
So tell me what you think
Should I just move along?
On with my own life
Or do you want to be
A major part of me?