I sit here,
Staring at my knife.
The shiny metal
Smiling up at me.
I let the cool blade touch my skin
I no the promise I'll break
By digging it in.
I think long and hard
I don't have a cause
There really is no reason
But it will take away my current pain
The pain I can no longer deal with
I long to see my blood
Dripping down my pale arm
As if swallowing me
It brings me peace
I need this release.
But the guilt I feel
For breaking my promise
Making it unreal
I cannot betray my friends this way
I will not because of one day
Tomorrow things will be okay
It's only a few hours away
Sleep will heal me
I need to keep my promise
My promise to everyone who matters
To everyone who cares.
They are out there,
And I can't betray them.
So I remove my blade
I tuck it away
I've made it through another day.
I am still strong,
Still able to move on.