Breaking down in tears enclosed in these walls.
Confined and mistreated, family treating you like crap,
You got nowhere to go, brother being an ass and your sister just wont stop.
You search for help, but you're all alone

If only I was there(2x)

I'd do anything to make you laugh
I'd do anything to turn your nite to day.
I'd do anything and everything.

Everything just a mess, so called friends putting words in your mouth,
Try to figure out what's wrong, but you don't know how.
Apologizing and hoping it'll get back to normal,
But what the fuck do u have to do.
You cant escape, u just cant

I'd do anything to help u escape these walls
And find a better place.
I'd do anything to know that u got that smile on your face all day and
every day.

I'd do anything. I'll do everything to help cuz your falling apart.
Something's missing but you don't kno what.
Nothing's working and you don't know why.

If only u knew(2x)