Author's Note: I know, I know, I probably explicitly stated that A Vampire's Kiss was only a one shot and to be honest, it still kind of is. I'm adding this because I felt like writing more and more came to me. Just this really. So if I do write more, I'll add it here. I'm not sure if it will actually have a plot line or just more brief glimpses into Evangeline's life/death, but this is what I got and now you have it too :)

A Vampire's Rebirth

In the moonlight, surrounded by darkness, the lake looked like rippling, liquid silver. It was almost like an enchanted place where it wasn't foolish to believe in mermaids or dragons or vampires. It was the most pleasurable thing in the world, but it was a shame a vampire's kiss was lethal. Evangeline smiled and felt the remnant of her last kiss which had left her lips feeling wet and sticky. Her heartbeat was slowing and she was surprised that she had regained consciousness.

She had felt herself sinking into oblivion but she had surfaced again, maybe because her lips were still tingling. The pleasure that had hummed through her body when she was with Malachi was slowly receding, growing fainter with her heartbeat. She remained awake this time. Awake and dying.

She took a deep breath. Mentally preparing herself for death. She would finally know, to say it in the most clichéd way as possible, what was on the other side, even if it was nothing. She licked her lips in a nervous gesture. She tasted an earthy sweetness. Blood.

Her blood. It had been transferred from his lips to hers in that final goodnight-goodbye kiss. She thought that her lips tingled even more with just the thought of that kiss. Her heartbeat echoed louder in her head, the hush between each heartbeat was growing longer. Her last breath sighed out of parted lips. For a moment, there was total silence within her. No air traveled to inflate and deflate her lungs. No pulse beat within her.

But she was still awake. Was this death? This emptiness? No, she wasn't empty. Something was tingling within her. Beginning in her chest and spreading outward toward her limbs. Was this life leaving her body?


Her eyebrows drew together in disorientation. Was that her…?


Her heart. It was beating. Her heart had resumed beating, but it was stronger, faster, and louder than before. Was she going to live? Evangeline gasped. The tingling grew stronger as well, until it burned. Her pulse skyrocketed. Her heartbeat was a wild drumming in her head and she began panting for air to try to alleviate the burning sensation. She heard moaning and whimpering, but it took her a while to realize the sounds were coming from her. Images she didn't recognize flitted across her mind like memories. As her heartbeat further increased, beyond the realm of being humanly possible, searing pain lashed against every nerve in her body.

Her hands clawed at her chest and at the grass. Her heels dug into the ground as she arched her back. Guttural screams were ripped from her throat and filled the silent forest's night. She couldn't bear it. Whatever it was, it was going to kill her. She cried out again and reached out for something. Anything to alleviate the pain. She focused on an image. A man with dark hair and darker eyes. The pain didn't lessen or even go away, but it helped focusing on something, this man. If anything, her heartbeat beat increased erratically. She felt as if her chest was going to explode.

Savage. Evangeline didn't know why she thought of that. Even though the image she focused on was of him lying bare-chested on what looked like a bed with his hands linked together behind his head, she could easily recall images of him dressed in European finery that would befit a Victorian nobleman or in a fitted tuxedo that would befit a modern-day gentleman.

But the pain increased and his image was pushed away. Her screams were louder and so frequent that it seemed like one long, agonizing cry. White hot shafts of pain ravaged her body until they seemed to focus and intensify in her chest. Evangeline wanted to die. She wanted it to end. Her heart was going to explode. It was like the mother of all heart-attacks. Her body began jerking and spasms overtook her. And then with a suddenness that was more brutal than any explosion, her heart stopped beating.

The moon fled and cowered behind darkened clouds, blanketing the forest in almost total darkness. Predators of the night elected to go hungry rather than venture into the night. Humans, awoken by the screams, lay awake in their beds, clutching their blankets close and not knowing why they were awake, only that they had reason to be afraid. The harsh rasping of breathing was all that filled the silent night.

Her unfocused eyes, darker than night itself, opened and hundreds of miles away, another pair of eyes opened. The contrast between her dark eyes and his pale ones was vivid. The connection lasted until she blinked, less than a second. A connection so brief that had it not been for the feeling of disquiet, the distant stranger would have thought he imagined it.

Remote sirens grew closer as some brave human souls had ventured out from under the safety of their blankets to call men with guns to search the forest in hopes such action would assuage their fears. The prone female body rolled gracefully to her feet and sniffed the air. Her face wrinkled in distaste and she trotted off deeper in the woods, like a wolf that had wanted to avoid any contact with the approaching humans.

Short, brief and I like it. Thanks for reading :) Side note to Tears of Blood readers... it's on hiatus... maybe permanently and I'm sorry. I've learned my lesson and from now on I probably won't put up longer stories until I'm done. That way I can go back and make revisions without worrying about the fact I already put that chapter up, etc. If you haven't read Tears of Blood... ignore this and don't read it... unless of course it's finished, but it's not yet so don't. :) Flawless Storm