Her sweet body spray fills my room,
As she lunges to my side, smiling.
With her hair tied behind her eyes,
Clothed in a short nightgown.

Wrapping her legs around my thighs,
Embosoming me with her kisses.
Her fingernails trace on my body,
Traveling to my ticklish back.

My heart quakes from her touches,
And sigh as she licks my neck.
The lights are turned off,
And the stars shine in the room.

All the tears are ceased,
And dried on our faces for now.
I hold her in my arms, in our bed,
Rolling about as tongues collide.

Her smooth breasts subjacent to mine,
Our bodies like fluent feathers;
As if we were cascading the sky,
Our love making is our abscondence.

Sheltering ourselves from the world.

Our breaths the only audible noise,
Her cool breath plasters my shoulder.
She tells me she loves me,
And I return the three words.

"You're the most beautiful girl";
She says, with passion in her eyes,
And I tell her the same,
Clinching delicate hands with mine.

I hide myself within her,
Only feeling beautiful with herself.
My heart replaces with her half,
I feel invigorated, and whole.

You were my existing other half,
Now you have conjoined with me,
Our hearts beating as one,
No mistaking.

Your face never vanishes,
Even when my eyes are sealed,
I see you in all of my dreams.
Your eyes are a concealed ocean;

Washing through my love-sickened heart.

As we nestle peacefully as silence,
Us not held as a secret anymore,
Distance had a way of making love understand,
Now love has prevailed the distance;

And will overcome it once again.

for Kerri xxx