Ch.1 The New Beginning

It felt as if she was drowning. Groggy, disoriented, confused, there was bright light erupting from everywhere. Did she die? A voice, as if far off said, "what happened"? She didn't hear it since she was to busy concentrating on the pain all over. " Doctor there is no record on her, you would think she would be listed with the red eyes in all. It was if she was never born."

"Hmmmmm... I wonder, maybe the government was hiding her as a super human. She must be an experiment the way I found her. She was so pale I mistaken her as dead, but then she groaned in her sleep as if she was weary of battle."

I slowly opened my eyes to the sound of talk, but quickly closed them; they were extremely sensitive to the ultra-violet light. I was probing my brain for any memories of what happened, but all I could remember was a loud, evil snicker, followed by the words now its your turn. My turn for what I thought, what did I do.

"She's awake, I.I didn't think she would make it. Nurse call for service, get water." "Who are you?"

The words poured out of my mouth without me thinking, "Captain Ateana of the Demon squad."

"The demon what," everybody questioned in union.

"I don't know, it just poured out of my mouth." Suddenly a vision hit me like a rock. I was standing in front of a huge army, with a flaming sword in my hands. I looked like I was battling until life or death. I was covered in cuts and one long deep gaping wound a crossed my back. That's when the pain hit me, it was burning, like flames shooting a crossed my back.

"What's wrong with you?" Doctor Waltz asked with worry on his face.

"Nothing, nothing at all." I started to think the vision over in my head, but the images were starting to get distorted. What really happened that cold long night?

I asked the doctor to dim the lights for me, then for the first time I opened my eyes. The room was a glowing white, even in the dim lights. The nurse was a short, plump, woman with short, gray curly hair. The doctor was a tall professional man, in his mid forties. He looked like he was over worked.

"Oh my!" exclaimed the nurse as she looked deeply into my fiery, red eyes.