SUNLIGHT STREAMED THROUGH THE window in the early morning. Melor rolled over and snuggled closer to Katie. Katie, on the other hand, opened her eyes and then slipped out of bed.

Without opening his eyes, Melor asked, "Where are you going, honey? Come back to bed for a little while longer."

"I have to get up," Katie said. "If I'm not at school, people will notice, and they'll start to talk." The night before, Katie had called her mom to tell her that she'd be spending the night with a friend. Apparently, this happened quite often and her mom hadn't suspected anything.

A few minutes later, Melor heard the shower turn on, and he pulled himself out of bed and began to dress. He would probably need to take Katie to school, since her car was still there.

Katie was ready after a short amount of time. They told each other goodbye while they were still in the hotel room, but neither wanted to leave quite yet. "I'll see you this afternoon," Katie promised. "I'll be at school a little longer than yesterday, but I'll try to come as soon as possible."

"I'll be waiting," Melor promised. "Don't worry about me, while your gone, I think I'll talk to a friend of mine from Pritcut, make sure everything's going fine back home. I'll tell him I'll be back in, I don't know, a month?"

"Do you have a lot of work waiting back home?" Katie asked, sounding a little worried. "I don't want to keep you from it. Is it a long trip to get back there?"

"It's no more difficult than going to your school or down the road, only a simple spell," Melor replied. "Don't worry, there is nowhere I'd rather be than here with you. You're not keeping me from anything."

"I'd like to see Pritcut," Katie remarked. "Since it's not difficult to get to, could we go sometime soon? Maybe this weekend? I could think of I lie to tell my parents during the day."

"That would be nice," Melor answered. "I'll tell my friend that I'll be coming home for the weekend, then, and that you're coming. And I'll see you this afternoon." He paused. "I think it's about time for you to go now."

"Already?" Katie asked. She glanced at the clock, and sighed. "I guess you're right. I'll see you tonight." That must have been the eighth or ninth time she'd promised Melor she'd see him that night.

"Let's go," Melor said needlessly as he pulled away from Katie. He tried to move slowly, delaying the time that he and Katie would be apart as much as he possibly could. He reached for his magical ingredients, then cast the spell.

TWO DAYS HAD PASSED, and though Melor and Katie had spent hours together since they'd been married, it seemed as if all the time had gone by in the space of a single heartbeat.

Melor stood behind the concession stands on the football field. He and Katie had agreed to meet here because they'd been worried that people might notice if he and Katie met in front of the doors every day.

Melor had only a few bags with him. He'd decided to bring home everything he wouldn't need for a while. Since he would be coming back to Minnesota in a few days once the weekend was over, he'd decided to leave most of his things at the hotel so he wouldn't have to carry all his bags back and forth.

Katie approached. She was only carrying her bags from school- somehow she'd managed to bring along all that she would need for the weekend in her book bag and gym bag.

"Are you ready to go?" Melor asked, kissing his wife on the cheek once she had joined him behind the building.

Katie kissed him back on the mouth and said, "Yes, I'm ready. I'm looking forward to this a lot."

"Good," Melor answered, picking up his bags. "Pritcut really is a beautiful place, and I'm sure you'll love it there. I'll have to introduce you to my friend Isiat, he would probably like to learn about your world."

Melor continued to talk as he cast the spell to take them away to the place where they could live happily ever after.

The End.