Whirl Around
she dances
forcing the air away
arms stretching to Heaven
passionately collapsing to the floor.
audience is awe-struck
they follow.
whirl around.
she dances
caressing the earth
fingers painting the air
delicately leaping over still waters.
audience is soothed
they gasp.
whirl around.
she dances
rooting herself deep
legs lunging wide, open
precisely hitting each and every position.
audience is intimidated
they tremble.
whirl around.
she dances
feeling the music
back arching in sorrow
fervently lingering, out of time.
audience is touched
they sign.
whirl around.
she dances.
each performance
something new revealed,
but done so to a new audience.
whirl around.
she dances.
they only see a part
of this complex artist
but never will they capture her essence.
whirl around.
she dances.
for Him.